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Art Classroom Procedures

1. Sharpen your pencil before the tardy bell rings. After this bell, raise your hand using the method taught. Stay in your seat during journal time and while the teacher checks roll, completes office required forms, and passes out papers.

2. Get permission to use items from the shelves, cabinets, computer corner, or clean-up area. The teacher's desk is off limits to students.

3. Sign out/in all supplies borrowed with your name and name of item. A sign-out box is located on the back rolling cabinet.

4. Put name, due date, title of project, hour, and table number on all projects. Sign front, lower right corner and place full information on the back on the upper left corner. Information for projects is located on the board. This information is worth six points.

5. Follow procedures and show good behavior when on mini-field trips or viewing exhibits.

6. Use clean-up area at end of class or when instructed by the teacher. The only exception is for emergency spills.

7. The teacher will end assignment and dismiss class. Please wait if the teacher is talking to the class.

8. Wait your turn in a single file line during cleanup. Each table will be called for clean up by number. Clean up rules are posted at the sink.

9. The weekly monitor will collect folders or papers and place them in the assigned location. Unfinished, dry work is placed in folders in the assigned bin. Place folders in order by table number. Wet work is brought up individually by tables to the drying racks. Monitors will assign other chores to individuals at their table as needed. Rotate these tasks: emptying cups, clearing off newspaper/paper, wiping table, drying table, sweeping, etc. Monitors are responsible for getting the sponge and spray bottle for their table.

Note: Monitors rotate to the right on a weekly basis.

10. Each student is responsible for his part in cleanup.  Clean-up time will be the last 3-7 minutes of class, depending on the activity. The teacher will indicate when to start clean-up.

11. If arriving after the tardy bell, bring a signed admit from the last class or location (i.e. office) with date, time, and signature. Without it, you are required to sign the tardy sheet.

12. All art supplies bought by the art department stay in the art classroom, unless signed out from the teacher after school.

13. Bring necessary supplies each day. If you are unprepared, you may loose a privilege or be required to do alternative work.

14. When you finish a project early, you may draw or read art related material. Books are available on the bookshelf with permission from the teacher.

15. All graded work should be turned in to the grading bin, usually on the rolling cart by the door. Wet projects are placed on the proper rack for each hour. Papers left in bins or folders on the storage table or the art tables are not graded. Late work is docked a letter grade for up to 5 days. After this time, a zero is given. No late work is accepted the last week of every nine weeks.

16. When coming back from an absence, check for assignments and have your office excuse ready. A binder will be available to check assignments near the grading bin. You may also check the journal titles and projects on this web site or the school site at

17. All sharp objects like scissors or Exacto knives should be kept at your table and used with care as directed.

18. Book bags, binders, and other items should be placed under the table or chairs away from aisles. Remove all necessary supplies before class starts.

19. No eating candies/food, drinks, or chewing gum in class. (This is School Board Policy and school policy.)

20. "Give Me Five" procedures will be used to refocus the class. Steps will be posted on the wall.

21. Sit in your assigned seat and begin the given assignment as soon as you enter the room. This will usually be a journal entry, a drawing and/or writing assignment. These are worth 5 points per entry.

22. One original extra credit per week is taken on Friday and is worth 5 points. Art work copied, traced, or borrowed from another artist or source is not accepted.

23. Advanced students may elect to modify their project if it is a similar art project from a previous year. Discuss changes with the teacher first.

24. Students should show respect and remain quiet when guests or visitors enter the classroom.

25. Work may be taken home for completion. Remember that YOU are responsible to bring it back to school the next day.

26.Push your chair under the table when leaving your seat. This is for SAFETY and courtesy.

27. The last art class is responsible for cleaning off the tables for the day. Each class should clean their own tables if they are wet, messy, or cluttered daily.

28. Talking is not permitted during journal time or project time without permission. Low-level talking is permitted when passing out or getting supplies, cleaning or picking up, during group critiques, during peer tutoring as assigned, or when reviewing work as instructed by the teacher. Good time-management is encouraged each day.

29. Art lab for make up work or extra time on art projects is provided 3 days per week from 7:45 a.m. to 8:10 a.m. in the art classroom (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Students should not expect to leave other classes to make up work or to go to other classes during art class time.

Note: The teacher will not be available mornings on her duty day. Please check with the teacher through the office for extended illnesses.

30. All art students are expected to keep a grade ledger for this class. This should be kept in the student binder and grades should be posted as projects come back. Participation may be posted weekly or at the end of each nine week period. All projects are kept in a portfolio until the end of the semester or year, when they should be taken home.